Transition hours- aerobic plus strength?

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    Hi all, XT John here. Could someone please clear this up for me? I’m going round in circles looking at forum posts trying to work out whether the training hours in the transition period should or should not include the strength sessions. I am unable to find a yes/no answer. I am nearly sixty years of age and an untrained person. My drift tests indicate an Aet at 125 bpm. My Alpine Combine results are all good to excellent except for pull ups (elbow injury). The book seems to suggest that an active person/climber like myself would have an annual training volume of 250 hours per year. This equates to approx 300 minutes a week. 50% of this is 150 min per week. So my first question is- have I got this time calculation right? My second question is- does the allotted 150 min per week include aerobic plus strength sessions or only the aerobic component?
    Thanks for answering these noob questions.

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    Anonymous on #45137


    Thanks for writing in and sorry for your confusion. The total weekly volume/hours will include strength and aerobic training. However as you progress from week to week the strength volume will not continue to progress like the aerobic training volume does. The strength workouts will end up topping out at about 1 hour each where as the aerobic training will continue to progress to much longer workouts.

    Use these numbers as rough guidelines. Don’t get bogged down in trying to calculate things down to the minute. That’s not what is important. The point of these guidelines is to make sure you are not overdoing things in the beginning and then gradually progress your tolerable work load. Adhere to the principles laid out in the book and you’ll do well. Get fixated on a set of numbers and blindly follow that and it may not work out so well. That is why there is so much theory and explanation in these books. There is no one size fits all approach.

    Good luck and thanks again.

    xtjohnrip on #45148

    G’day Scott, thank you very much for taking the time to reply. It’s good to get a concrete answer on that.
    Not getting bogged down with exact minutes makes sense but can you please clarify the section in your book “General guidelines for guestimating your annual training volume” page 189?
    Do the hours stated represent a hypothetical “last year’s training hours” that need to be cut by 50% or do they represent the actual hours to be trained during the transition period?
    If I choose “active college student/climber- 250 hours”, is 250 hours the figure I should be training at during the transition period or 50% of this?
    Thanks again…XT.

    Shashi on #45156


    I think the idea is that you start with 50% of last year’s avg. weekly volume in the first week and then slowly build up volume.

    Scott recently answered a similar question on a forum topic and you might find it helpful.

    Strength Included in Overall Volume?

    xtjohnrip on #45165

    Thanks Shashi.

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