Strength Included in Overall Volume?

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    I am just getting started crafting my training plan (I have very little aerobic capacity and want to train to backpack the ~210 mile JMT next year). I am wondering if the time spent in strength training counts toward my overall training volume, or if I’m to only count aerobic training toward my total volume.

    For reference, I’m considering myself as a “working professional” per page 189 of TFTNA and having done 200 hours of training in the last year. Starting with 50%, puts me at about 2 hours a week to start into my transition phase, week 1.

    Week 1 calls for a long Z1 workout for 25% of my volume (30 mins), a Z2 workout for 10% of my volume (12 mins), 2 strength workouts, and the balance of the volume done at Z1 or Recovery. I’m trying to figure out if I should do 78 more minutes of Z1 or if I take out whatever time I spend on 2 strength workouts, and then what is left becomes the “remainder.”

    Thanks much!

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    When using the guidelines from TftNA to calculate volume and volume progression. Use only the aerobic volume for the week. That’s because the strength volume will not actually change much as you progress along the training path Where as that will be the biggest change in your aerobic training; volume increase.


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