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    Tammy Barnhart

    Looking at the training plan that starts tomorrow and on Tuesday it says to do the 20:00 Cham fit#0. Can we add some extra cardio that day or should I stick with the plan. Also on Saturday it says to do a zone 2 run/hike for 1:00. Again I wanted to climb mailbox or should I stick with the plan. I’m definitely a cardio junkie so if you say stick to plan only I can do that. Just need to know more details on what is ok or what is not. Thanks

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    MarkPostle on #58979

    Tammy, In general you can add additional training in the Zone 1 and 2 intensities to the build weeks especially if you are already doing similar volumes AND you are recovering day to day well. One Caveat, I would be careful about adding any training to the restday (one per week) or beefing up the Consolidation week (Week #4 in current plan)

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