The training plan refer to a book that I don’t have

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    I have purchased 8 week hut to hut training plan and there is a reference there to the book “Training for New Alpinism” that I do not have: “ Refer to p234-238 in Training for the New Alpinism for more information for the Water Carry workouts.”
    How can I get a content from those pages without purchasing the book?
    Thank you

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    Rachel on #50223

    here you go: Muscular Endurance (ME) Workout: Water Carries

    Rachel on #50225

    And also this article covers water carries as well: Vertical Beast Mode

    Andrey on #50232

    Hi, Rachel! Thank you.
    What would be your advice if I do not have possibilities to find long enough slope? The indoor is not an option (everything is closed). I thing the longest (steep enough) hill that I can find nearby will be around 120-150 meters long…

    LindsayTroy on #50274

    This has been a topic of discussion here: but the summary is you unfortunately have to do laps.

    Shashi on #50290


    Another option is to do ME at home. Check this article –
    Muscular Endurance at Home with Progression

    Andrey on #50360

    Thanks for helping me out! I think I have no option but to do laps. Will just have to find out the best solution for my knees on the way down ?!

    Rachel on #50412

    The times I have done multiple laps I keep additional water in my car so I can dump the water out at the top. It would trash my knees to carry that water back down again! You could also use rocks but you’d want to protect your backpack (and your back).

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