Replace Running with Cycling in Cardio training

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    I want to start training for a high altitude expedition, but due to an issue with my knees, i cannot run (well i can but then my knees get hurt)
    So I will have to replace running in AB training with either cycling or swimming, but I am not sure how, e.g. 40′ of running is equal with cycling/swimming.

    Any clue?

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    OwenFW on #55060

    Unfortunately, fitness developed in both of these activities will transfer poorly to mountaineering. Can you hike? That’s what mountaineering is, so do that.

    Dada on #55064

    1 to 3. For an hour of running you need 3 hrs of cycling.

    gpapam on #55065

    i know it can hardly get replaced, but i have to find otherways around it. i do hike, of course, but it is not that convenient to replace running with hiking especially during the week and – even worst – during the winter!

    Anonymous on #55067

    What’s the issue with your knees?

    I ask because when people start running, almost everyone goes too fast and too much too soon. In many cases, it’s not a knee problem but a patience problem. In general, we recommend at least 100 miles of very slow running before starting a structured program.

    We’ve even prescribed 30-seconds-on-1-minute-off to get started. That person in particular ended up entering a 10km race.

    More info:

    gpapam on #55071

    hi Scott,
    I was a mountain marathon runner and climber since 2007 but since 2015 i have developed an autoimmune arthritis/spondilitis that, apart from pain that I had initially ignored, it caused knee bone edemas in femoral condyle and, although, under medication, it is now in remission, the knee is too sensitive if undergoes violent vibrations like with running or off saddle cycling or serious climbing (as the whole pressure goes right to the internal femoral condyle).
    So i have developed other ways to do things and stay in shape, like cycling and openwater swimming, and I can still, hike and do mountaineering during the winter (with bearable recover pains).

    So I am planning – while i still can and after the past hard winter due to covid – to do some serious winter ascents, at first here in Greece and then maybe sometime next year in Alps.
    That’s why i am looking for a structured program that will protect me from further injuries and allow me build further my abilities.

    Anonymous on #55088

    Okay, that sounds legit. 🙂 More seriously, sorry to hear about your issue. That must be frustrating.

    In the thread that I linked to, user AshRick had an interesting way to incorporate cycling into a program as a “prefatigue” for running. Perhaps you could do the same, but trading the running for something weight-bearing, but low-to-no impact. Options may be roller skiing or, if you have access to a gondola, hike-up-and-ride-down sessions.

    AshRick on #55092

    Yes, I’ve been liking the bike uphill, ride down routine to get in more vert without the downhill pounding. Ride standing, not sitting. Raise the handlebars so you can stand quite upright. You’d want to emulate hard hiking — lead leg out, lift body over it with torso over hips. Standing on a regular bike setup will have the bars too low and you’ll be hunched over.

    With the gearing available on a bike, you can make this as hard or easy as needed. If knee is complaining, keep the gearing low and cadence up. If standing on the pedals still hurts, try moving saddle as far forward as you can and do seated pedaling. Again, trying to emulate hiking body positions.

    But the perfect setup would be a ski resort with gondola down.

    gpapam on #55096

    Thank you all, for the will to respond so promptly.
    I think that Scott’s idea to merge AshRick’s prefatigue with roller skiing will do the job.
    I will give it a try and see how it goes in the 16week mountaineering plan.

    thanx again!

    Anonymous on #55106

    Another option that I’ve sometimes thought of (but haven’t tried) is to take the seat off your bike…

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