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    I have a question about recovery time after a big objective.
    On Saturday a couple of friends and I done a quite big objective for us, it took us 20.5 hours with 34k covered and 28 pitches grade Vs UK 5.8/9 us of climbing and 3k scrambling technical terrain and 3300m elevation gain.
    I’m wanting to get back after it and get training again but I don’t want to go into the overtraining hole as I’ve been there before when I was cycling.
    Also I didn’t plan on doing this it was a text on the Thursday so I had been doing my usual training and racked up some hours already for the whole week I done
    32hours 96km 1331tss
    What would you suggest for rest 1 week 10 days?
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Keep up the good work guys ?

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    Mariner_9 on #68135

    Some ideas and comments:
    – You might want to look at the “Step Test” piece on p132 of TFUA
    – Scott’s comment in this thread might be relevant:
    – I think the “right” answer is going to be very specific to you. I can tell you what I did last year on a similar weekly volume (w.r.t. hours, TSS, vert and distance) but it’s not clear it would be helpful to you – or that I even did the right thing for me!

    Subseaclimber on #68138

    Yeah I realise it’s a very individual thing, I just would like a little guidance.
    Thanks for the comment I’ll have a look at the book tonight.

    LindsayTroy on #68149

    I think this is why it can be really helpful for you to “grade” your workouts or keep notes. How do you feel? Are you tired? are your legs fatigued? Do you feel normal or are you finding yourself feeling flat? How are you eating? Are you ravenous or are you eating normal?

    All of these things will help you determine. If you feel normal, train like normal. If you feel flat, tired, abnormal, etc train at a lower volume until you feel normal.

    Subseaclimber on #68214

    Thanks for the reply Lindsay, I’ve documented this in my training log.
    Feeling good now getting back after it

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