50k to 50 mile and how to plan around zero mileage weeks?

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    Hi there, I’m nearing the end of a 50k training plan that I drew up based on Training for the Uphill Athlete and it’s going really well. I’ve never felt stronger. Race is April 30.

    I’m considering going for my first 50 miler 3rd week in November and have 2 questions:

    1) How best do I use the time from the 50k to the 50 miler? Start right away with a plan (aerobic, intensity, rest week etc cycle) for the 50 or do some aerobic building for an extended time then jump into a plan?

    2) How do you work in weeks where you know opportunities to run will be minimal? I have two weeks this summer/early fall where I know running will be tough to fit in. One week for a work trip in July and another for a 5-day bike trip in October. If it matters, bike trip will be 50-60 miles a day back to back.

    Do I structure these as rest weeks? How do I treat a zero mile week with the weeks that come after?

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    Fletcher on #65476

    My events are very similar. Although I have a 40km in May and 80km in September.

    Here’s my thoughts.

    Q1: it depends on how AnT inclined you are or where you feel you can improve more. For instance, if you feel you need to build more AeT then perhaps extend the build phase. But also listen to your body after the 50km – it might give you a good chance to take a week or two of light/unstructured training. I would suggest taking some time after the event to allow your legs to recover and your mind to decompress from months of training.

    Q2: don’t get too hung up on low volume weeks, a week every now and then won’t make or break your training. Just try and not over do it before or after these weeks. Months and years of consistency is what’s important. The biking will still give you some stimulus but don’t forget that amount of biking might need some recovery afterwards (does sound fun though). don’t worry about if there are a few more rest/low volume week in a block – better that than more build weeks.

    The build weeks after will depend on your history. Personally, I would keep everything the same, depending on how the week goes I might perhaps shorten the long run. Just play it by feel. it’s better not to over push which could have a negative effect on future training.

    I assume these zero running weeks for family holidays etc. these too will fatigue your body, sadly the body doesn’t differentiate, To it stress is stress, again allow your body to recover.

    It’s easier said than done but I hope that helps.

    Good luck for your training and races!

    Anonymous on #65477

    Be sure to recover well from the 50k race before you launch back into training. Recreate a bit for 2-3 weeks. Stay active during this time but give your running legs a break. Maybe only 1-2 runs/week.

    Then start back up with the goal of recreating the success you have had with the current plan. Use book’s template plan for a 50 miler but also use the knowledge you have gained during this training cycle. Hopefully you have kept a good training log so you know how you responded to the current training plan

    When you need to have zero training weeks use the preceding week as an over reaching week. Do a short (2-3 day) taper leading into that big week. For the week following the over reaching week go back to the volume 2 weeks before the over reaching week.

    I hope this helps.

    Anon23 on #65516

    Awesome, thank you!

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