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Kettlebell training alongside ChamFit

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    I’ve been doing kettlebell and bodyweight training for a few years now, and while I’m excited for the Mountaineering Training Group, I’m keen to keep some of my hard-won strength gains. In particular, I usually do some mix of the following:

    1. One-handed swings [KB]
    2. Clean & presses [KB]
    3. Turkish get-ups [KB]
    4. Squats [KB]
    5. Push-ups [bodyweight]
    6. Dips [bodyweight]

    Based on Scott’s response here [*], the one exercise that may be too high intensity are the swings. But if I do the other exercises [2-6] under a more conventional strength training regime (fewer reps, 1-3 min between sets, not high intensity intervals), is this okay? Also, if anything in [1-6] is essentially covered by similar exercises in ChamFit, I’d love to hear it. Finally, if this is just a bad idea (mixing ChamFit with my own strength training), please let me know.

    Thanks for the help!


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    pedro on #75182

    HI Greg ,

    Since you are doing already a organised strength training , I would combine with chamonix fit , instead of two day of chamonix fit , do you training one day and chamonix in the other.
    Chamonix fit works a bit different that your typical strength routine.



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