Strength exercises during building aerobic base

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    Hi, I looked at several graphs of respiration rate vs heart rate and estimated my AeT from 142-144 when tired to 156-158 when rested or racing. My LT jumped recently to 174-179 (TP estimate) so I guess I am now aerobic deficient. I will perform exact measurements within next weeks, when I will be more rested after skimo season.

    As those values correspond to my observations, that last two years of training prescribed by a coach did not improve my results, even worse – my vertical speed dropped by 10%. Workouts consisted mainly of anaerobic work without recovery workouts and too little z2 ones and no strength workout. The reason was that I had very good base and there was no need to work on it and that I was very strong. My earlier self-prescribed training had much more z1-z2 work and less higher intensity and if so, more moderate. And it brought me better form and results then more intensive but less volume work (my AeT then was 161 and LT 170).

    So I decided to cancel any mountain running races, start transition period now, and then focus on building a base, as long as needed. My question is whether incorporating strength exercises would somehow interfere and/or worsen work on aerobic base? Exercises would be once per week core low intensity or climbing, and once higher intensity gluts/hamstring work, as they are still weak after pelvis injury few years ago.

    I did so when self coached and results were fine, but I was not then at the state of aerobic deficiency. “Uphill athlete” books seems to advise it but on the other hand MAF method seems to strongly oppose against any non-aerobic work. I do not want to risk of overdoing or stay in stagnation but on the other hand those exercises are beneficial to me.

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    I’m sorry to hear about your disappointing season. We hear his refrain often which is why I wrote this

    I would strongly recommend strength training during your base training. What you want to avoid in your strength workouts is high intensity interval still circuit training or what we call Muscular Endurance workouts. They will make heavy metabolic demands and those demands will mostly be met by glycolysis with elevated lactate levels. This will for sure impede your rebuilding of your base. Conventional strength training with is more neuromuscular in effect with 2-4 sets of 2-8 reps will not make big metabolic demands. We use the strength methods mentioned in both our books during the base period even for those with severe ADS and we see good gains in aerobic capacity.


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    Hey Scott,

    In addition to that: You only mentioned gym workout strength exercising as a possibility during base rebuilding. What about specific strength training like hill sprints (as described in the book, NOT muscular endurance workouts), would that be okay (once a week) while getting rid of ADS?



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