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    Saadia Sharjeel

    My drift test was going fine when the heart rate suddenly disappeared from my watch towards the end and reappeared with an erratic reading. I don’t know why this happened, but my HRM unclipped and loosened twice during the jog. Pa Hr was 3.47% for the first 40 mins before the HR disappeared.

    Will I have to do the test again?

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    Richard Coburn on #71259

    How long was your test before the malfunction?

    Anonymous on #71262

    Sounds like you were on the right track but yes I would do the test again to capture 60 min of data.

    Saadia Sharjeel on #71267

    I had set the watch to give an HR alert every 10 minutes. It didn’t on the 5th alert. That is when I checked. Whatever happened, happened after 40 minutes. I have decided to redo it.

    Saadia Sharjeel on #71268

    I have decided to redo it.

    Andrew Terhune on #71273

    So I did the test and would like to confirm my result. I was on a stair stepper at my gym and using the analyzer I don’t see the Pa:HR percentage anywhere, just an IF. I read that is because there was no GPS data because I was inside, right? So if I take first and second half and get (155-150)/150 * 100 or 3.33% does that seem right? Thanks!

    Raja on #71277

    @Andrew – that sounds like the right way to do it to me. If I recall, we only get Pa:HR if there’s GPS data as you noted.

    @Saadia – I have the same issue with my HR monitor and watch. Very frustrating sometimes as it’s unpredictable. Doesn’t happen often enough to warrant new gear, but just enough to frustrate me once a month or so. Was hoping it wouldn’t happen during the test.

    Question for the group – assuming my % drift is good, is the top of my Zone 2 going to be:
    (a) the number I was aiming for during the test? or
    (b) the average HR of the first half of the test?

    TLoftus on #71287

    Indoors, top of zone 2, your threshold, would be starting HR after thorough warmup if the % of drift is good. Outdoors, it’s the HR held after the warmup with the Pa:Hr feature of TP determining the %–if its good the HR was correct and is the AeT.

    Thomas Epting on #71289

    I failed my drift test. 53-year-old, so formula suggests 127, which felt too easy. After 20 min warm-up, I started test at 137, thinking I would drift to ~143. HR fell on average to 134 first half and 135 second half.

    Any guidance on a better target starting point? (For context, my Garmin Epix set my zone 2 top at 136 out of the box.)

    Anonymous on #71294

    Raja, If test is good your top of Z2 will be the target number not the average for first half. I usually average something like the first 5 min of the test hour to get a decent starting number.

    Anonymous on #71295

    Thomas, I would just redo the test with a higher starting HR. The 180- age is a VERY rough estimate. Its obvious that is quite low for you. I would repeat the test with starting HR of 143-145 and see how that feels and what the drift % is.

    Thomas Epting on #71307

    Thanks Mark. Awesome to be in my mid-30s again ; )

    pedro on #71308

    Before doing a test or a training , it is always important to check the conditions of the heart rate strap , sensor .

    Problems with the strap :

    Loosing of points of contact of with a loosen heart rate strap or a bad attachment of the sensor to it can cause bad readings and a failed test or training .

    Problems with the sensor :

    most common is that the sensor runs out of battery or is too low , when that happens the sensor tends to give bad readings such as :
    – starts blocked in higher or lower heart rate and then start reading normal after a while
    – the readings go high or low without a change of pace/ rhythm
    – the sensor starts giving readings that don’t correspond to the perceived exertion (rep)

    really important

    Always check your gear on the day before or with enough time for you to be able to solve the problem and still do your activity
    Adapt and do it by feel, when in a training even if your gear does not work .



    TIM CAVANAGH on #71363

    I have my drift test in my phone in Garmin Connect. Am I supposed to download or evaluate myself? If I need to download somewhere, how do I do that? Thanks

    Tobias on #71370

    You should connect your Garmin account with TrainingPeaks, then the activities get uploaded there, and the test can be evaluated fast and easy in TrainingPeaks.

    There is a video how to evaluate here for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emT6Re_d9dM

    Anonymous on #71373

    Tobias is on it here. Look at the data in TrainingPeaks and use either the first vs second half averages if steady state machine based or the pa:hr ratio if its outdoors and you have good GPS data. Some great examples in the video

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