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    Saadia Sharjeel

    My drift test was going fine when the heart rate suddenly disappeared from my watch towards the end and reappeared with an erratic reading. I don’t know why this happened, but my HRM unclipped and loosened twice during the jog. Pa Hr was 3.47% for the first 40 mins before the HR disappeared.

    Will I have to do the test again?

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    Saadia Sharjeel on #71405

    Repeated my drift test. New stats:

    Pa: Hr 3.75%
    HR min: 137; avg: 155; max: 165
    I started according to the formula: 180-45=135

    Pedro Faísco on #71458

    Hello Coaches,

    I could not follow the Drift test Calls.
    After watching the riview you did from Karim Values i feel that my test might not be right either?
    Could you please give me some feedback on it?

    I did it indoor with treadmill at 3% incl at 9km/h.
    I am super impressed my value are too good to be true.

    The target was 160.

    Pedro Faisco

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