Calf Pain – Persistent. Solutions?

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    Hi All,
    I’ve got some experience in multisport. I focused on long-course triathlon for a decade, ending about five years ago. Virtually all of my run training over the years have been in that effort, and now I’m turning to ultra and mountain running.

    Throughout my triathlon years and continuing now, I have sore calves. Always. Every day. Whether I run a lot or a little. I have been running a steady 25-35 miles/week for a year, and upped it to 45 and 50 over the past two months. My calves are sore on non running days. On short, recovery days. On uphill days. Long runs. Flat runs. Always sore. It never goes away.

    Sore right in the belly of the muscle. Not the Achilles. Muscle pain.

    I stretch. I do eccentric strength exercises. Tried just about everything.

    My calves feel, every day, like they should if I haven’t been running and went out and ran. DMOS. All the time. Did I say that already? 😉

    Any suggestions? It’s kind of maddening. Compression sleeves?

    Thanks for reading…

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    I hadn’t thought of the drop issue, but that’s something to consider. Related to that, I switched from high-drop-shoe-heel-striker to low-drop-shoe-midfoot-striker, but it took me at least two years to fully transition. In order to avoid injury, I had to be very patient and change my foot strike when appropriate. I don’t know if that’s relevant or not, but it’s something to consider.

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