Balancing fasted training with stomach prep for ultras

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    Colin Simon

    There may have been another thread about this, but I was unable to locate it.

    The fat adaptation drum gets beat pretty heavily around here. You can just use your body’s efficient system and not need as much food. Then when it comes time to race, just eat carbs, and it’s like having a boost. Train on fats, race on carbs.

    I have a friend who’s training for the Leadville 100, and gets a lot of advice saying that the best performers are the ones who have the capacity to eat on the move and not feel sick. “Good eaters are finishers.”

    Of course, if my friend is well fat-adapted, he shouldn’t need as much food, easing the problem all together. Is there any particular way to balance fat adaptation with preparing your stomach for a “shitstorm”? Do mostly fasted runs throughout the week, then during your once weekly long run, eat a pile of fiber?

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    Anonymous on #15442

    It’s worth practicing your race nutrition strategy in training. As you said, not feeling sick is a key to success.

    I’d say once you know what works for you, you won’t need to practice it, but finding out what that is is important. I would try different things in training, maybe just once a week, and promote fat adaptation the rest of the time. And once you know what works for you, do it less often.

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