Aerobic Work for Knee Pain

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    Hey all,

    Going through my first run at the training plan and, despite some sicknesses in our family (see a previous post), really enjoying it.

    I have a question today about knee pain and aerobic workouts. Generally my knees are fine (I’m 33), so I’m almost equally thinking about this as a preventative measure (not shredding them too hard too early in life), but I do feel some pain now and then after runs. I know that’s fairly normal, but I’m also wondering if the aerobic goals (especially thinking Zone 1 and 2 workouts) can be met by other means that relief pressure on the knees.

    E.g. is a 30-minute Zone 2 workout on a rower equivalent to a 30-minute Z2 run? I would imagine so, since the goal is the time spent in a particular heart rate and not anything else.

    Let me know if I’m making sense and if you have any ideas. I’ve been able to greatly reduce knee pain when I first started this just by eating much better, so that’s been encouraging. As I said, now thinking equally in terms of prevention and long-term care for the joints.

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    Jane Mackay on #75149

    Hi hsharple,
    First off, welcome! It’s great to have you here and I’m thrilled you’re getting so much value from the books and other resources. I’m also glad you’ve discovered the power of nutrition. It’s been a game-changer for me, for sure!
    Regarding your question: this thread might give you the answer you seek. If not, let us know:

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