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    I injured my hamstring which is preventing me from running so we recently got a peleton for Christmas. I’m assuming as long as my heart rate goes into zone 2, it’ll have the same affect right?

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    Jane Mackay on #74340

    It’ll give you aerobic training, but it places very different stresses on the body (as you know!). What you won’t get is the stressing and strengthening of connective tissue and other effects of running. Because of this, when you return to running it would be a good idea to ease into it, esp. coming back from injury — maybe start with a walk-run progression. Are you being advised by a physio?

    rcj on #74384

    I have had two cases in the year and a half since owning mine where I was injured from running and able to use the Peloton to do workouts without getting killed in my aerobic capacity. I have done it exactly like Jane describes where I have to ease back in, but I am virtually hitting the road without missing a beat. It’s not the exact same thing, but from my experience, the bike helps keep everything humming when I have been unable to run.

    nalle4 on #74465

    Those with greater knowledge might correct me, but as far as I understand your aerobic capacity is defined by the local muscles used in the activity of interest and not by the heart. The heart rate (and HR drift) is simply an effect of the work performed by the local muscles. Consequently, the aerobic capacity – and therefore HR drift and HR zones differs between different sports/activities. For myself, my aerobic capacity (upper Z2 HR ) is 137 bpm in running, 132 bpm in uphill walking on treadmill and 122 bpm on a bike.

    As far as I know, it is common to have an AeT 10-15 bpm lower on the bike compared to running, unless it is a person who do a lot of bike training. So it might be an good idea to stay a little bit lower on intensity (heart rate) on the peloton compared to the running.

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