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    Hello All,

    We want to make sure everyone has a chance to save their Training Plan before the group ends! We can answer more questions about this next week as well. Below are the instructions on how to do so!

    In order for you to save and re-use your training plans you will need to ‘purchase’ the training plan here:

    Then, select the plan you are on:
    Female Uphill Athlete: Base Fitness (For Publishing)
    Female Uphill Athlete: Intermediate (For Publishing)
    Female Uphill Athlete: Advanced (For Publishing)

    To get 100% discount, use the code:


    Upon check out.

    You will then be able to find your plan in your TrainingPeaks account, under Training Plans. Here are further instructions on how to find and use your plan:

    Let us know if you have questions here!
    Maya & Carolyn

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    Summer Hess on #68231

    Hi Maya and Carolyn,

    For a number of reasons outside of my control, I have been unable to engage with my training plan. Is it possible to have a credit applied and to reenroll in a future date? Thank you, Summer

    Mia Kilborn on #68242

    Hi Maya,
    I wasn’t paying enough attention when I got the training plan and ended up with advanced instead of intermediate. Is there a way to ‘return’ the plan and get the intermediate one, or am I stuck?

    Coach on #68243

    Hello Summer,

    Carolyn and I aren’t in charge of credits or re-funds. Could you please email and cc’

    Thank you!

    Coach on #68244

    Mia you are not stuck. Try using the code for the intermediate plan-if that doesn’t work just let me know 🙂

    Mia Kilborn on #68245

    Thanks Maya, I get “This coupon code is only eligible to be used once.” when I try to get the intermediate with the same code.


    Coach on #68246

    Try FUA4!

    Mia Kilborn on #68247

    Ha! Success! Thank you 🙂

    Jeni Vlahovic on #68298

    Thank you Maya and Carolyn, this is excellent. Apologies if this has been asked before, but will we still be able to access this Forum, namely all the great content and links in it, after our program is over? I understand if we can no longer post ourselves or view new postings but it would be great to be able to still access the relevant info and links. If not, I will cut and paste.

    Similar question for the Google drive with the Zoom call recordings – will we be able to access the folder and the recordings once the program is over? I was unable to attend the Zoom calls due to work meetings at the same time (hoping to maybe catch the last one next week), but would love to try watching them over the summer if possible.

    Thank you!


    Coach on #68404

    Hello Jeni,

    Sorry for the late reply!!! Great questions, unfortunately you will no longer have access to the forum-you can copy and paste anything you want including the google drive link. Those will stay there so you can access them.

    I hope that helps!

    Jeni Vlahovic on #68406

    It does for sure thank you!

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