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    Hello All,

    We want to make sure everyone has a chance to save their Training Plan before the group ends! We can answer more questions about this next week as well. Below are the instructions on how to do so!

    In order for you to save and re-use your training plans you will need to ‘purchase’ the training plan here:

    Then, select the plan you are on:
    Female Uphill Athlete: Base Fitness (For Publishing)
    Female Uphill Athlete: Intermediate (For Publishing)
    Female Uphill Athlete: Advanced (For Publishing)

    To get 100% discount, use the code:


    Upon check out.

    You will then be able to find your plan in your TrainingPeaks account, under Training Plans. Here are further instructions on how to find and use your plan:

    Let us know if you have questions here!
    Maya & Carolyn

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    Aisha Jordan on #74621

    So update to Andrea and Debra – I reached out to UA through their fb page and they said an email would be sent soon with instructions, so hopefully there will be more info coming.

    Celeste on #74622

    I’m lost too. I was expecting a 1/23 start but mine starts 1/16. I also have no access to Zoom or WhatsApp.

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