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    After completing the AeT (138) and AnT (154) baselines on a treadmill (set at 12), my zones are

    Recovery <110
    Zone 1 – 110-126
    zone 2 – 127=138
    Zone 3 – 139-154
    Zone 4 – >155

    In addition to hiking/gym machine work (no running), I also road bike and mountain bike. I understand these are not optimal. My question is regarding heart rate zones when on a bike…should I use the above zones, or use the zones I have determined on the bikes (which are higher than treadmill, because generally using less muscle mass and seated). I am a 58 yo male, with 2 meniscus scopes on each knee. For those who do not bike, road biking is a little easier to stay in the “zone”, while mountain biking is really all over the place (more time with higher heart rate)

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    Anonymous on #27087

    If you’re training by heart rate, I think that you need sport-specific heart rate zones.

    For example, you mentioned that your heart rates are higher when cycling than when running. I have the opposite issue.

    My guess is that, because less muscle mass is being used, the peripheral demands on the heart and lungs are less than in weight-bearing sports. But I’ve also found that lactate levels are typically higher, probably because less muscle mass is active and available to reabsorb lactate.

    If your heart rates are higher than in weight-bearing sports, my guess is that your legs are relatively stronger than your cardiovascular system and/or the higher lactate levels of cycling are demanding more from your heart and lungs.

    My two cents!

    mike on #27141

    Thanks Scott. Kind of what I was thinking

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