Zone 2/Zone 3 Trade offs

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    I’d been getting into Z3 probably too much. Today I altered my route and found that on the altered route I could stay in Z2 67% of the time while only spending 6% of my time in the bottom of Z3 5-6 bpm from Z2. I’ve got ADS and am trying to cure that. So can I just do this route for a while and not bother monitoring my HR all the time? I’ll wear the watch and record but I don’t like stopping to check my heart rate because I get cold. I’m snowshoeing and I have to pull my glove back to see the watch, etc … My AeT is 132 and my AnT is 162. Today my max HR was 138 on this route. So the 6% in Z3 was HR in (133-138). I feel like I can sort of tell when I”m leaving Z2. Maybe the feeling that I’m working too hard is as valid as the HR numbers? Or is it better to eliminate ALL Z3 from my workouts even if it means less time in Z2 (because it’s likely I’ll over- compensate and spend more time in Z1)?

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    You’ve definitely got the right idea to stay in Z2 as much as possible as the best way to cure that ADS. Bumping into Z3 from time to time and for only 6% of the total workout is not a big deal. So, if you can control the intensity well enough with perception then great. You can also wear or carry the HR monitor watch outside of your clothing and it will still pick up the signal from the chest strap.


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    Or does the HRM have alerts? With most HRMs, you can set up beeping and/or vibrating alerts to tell you when you exceed a custom value.

    johnepearson on #15235

    I thought there was a way to make it (Polar M400) beep when I get out of a zone but the one time I tried to get it to do that I failed. I have the idea that since I seem to be pretty close on this route that I can just check the recorded workout and make sure I’m not getting too much Z3 and if I do I then I can go back to checking the monitor for a while.

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