Zone 2 training. Am I a ''advanced athlete'' ?

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    So, I am hoping I am not the only one with a tendency to have a too high opinion of myself here. Let me explain. In your book you are writing that Zone 2 should only be used by advanced athlete because it could be a non man’s land for the less trained. But then, in your sample plans and suggestions for weekly plans, there is always the Zone 2 work out. I wish I could call myself an advance athlete with a lot of base. But It should feel wrong saying that to oneself. How can I know that a zone 2 every week would be better for me then replacing that with another zone 1 to keep improving my probably low aerobic base ? I am nose breathing at about HR136 and my max is at about 188-190.
    Thanks a lot

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    The reason for that warning in the book is that we were targeting climbers, most of whom we assumed had pretty much zero experience with controlling the intensity of training and were already training too hard. So we took a very conservative approach to explaining this stuff.
    Zone 2 training will have a more powerful aerobic training effect than will Zone 1.
    To know if you are in need of adding more Z2 or sticking with more Z1 you can do a simple test for yourself. Conduct the anaerobic threshold test described here: If the average HR you determine in this test is more than 10% above your AeT (136) meaning higher than 150 you can do most of your aerobic training in Z2 because you have a pretty significant aerobic deficiency and will see bigger gains that way. If your AnT is less than 10% above your AeT then chances are if you run too much in Z2 you will find that your leg muscles don’t recovery well over night and you’ll have to spend more time in Z1 or at a recovery pace.


    VincentLC on #5682

    Thank you very much for your reply Scott!

    So I have conducted the AnT test and got a 160 average reading… That place me in an aerobic deficient state I imagine. So I will do as you suggest and stick with more Z2.

    Here are my questions tho.
    I am training using your book and the self plan log book by the way. Should i just keep the long Zone 1 zone 1, and do my 3 other shorter, 1h to 1h30, outings in zone 2 or would that be overkill ?
    And, in the book, zone 2 has a 5% window from 75 to 80% of Max Hr. Since my end of zone 1 occures at 72% (136 out of 190 of maxHr) does that gives me 72 to 77% as my zone 2 ?
    I think its nice for other forum dwellers to know what everyone is up to with all that. So i am using the logbook to plan a denali WB and a possible attempt on the Cassin R for may 2018. Altitude experience and ,obviously ,aerobic capacity being the last question marks for a serious Cassin attempt.

    The work you guys at uphillathlete do is fantastic !
    Thanks a lot

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