Zone 1 Training during Ice Climbing Strength Plan

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    Hello everybody,

    I just purchased the “Ice and Mixed Climbing Strength Plan. 8 weeks. Beginner to Advanced Intermediate” and want to start with it next week. It consists of 2-3 Strength trainings per week plus 1 climbing session. In the description it says: “This is meant to be a stand alone strength program and adding other strength work, even lower body, may have a significant negative impact on your recovery, and hence the positive effect of this training.”

    How about Zone 1 or Zone 2 training:
    The last months I did more endurance training. Do you think it is a good idea to do 2-3 endurance sessions per week additionally if I feel fresh enough? Usually I plan to do 2 shorter runs / bike (approx. 60mins) and 1 long run/hike (3-4 hours) per week.

    Thanks for your help,


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    Yes, you can add Z1-2 aerobic workouts into this strength plan. Since this plan is meant to address strength for ice climbing for anyone who buys it we had to omit any running/hiking/skiing since we have no idea who will buy it and what their fitness and goals are.


    Josef on #30313


    Thanks for the quick answer,


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