Winter Ski Approaches

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    Nick K

    Has anyone used the BD Glide Light bindings on a waxless ski like the Voile HyperVector BC with mountaineering boots? Specifically the mid or lightweight ones that you might want to wear for technical climbing?

    Been thinking about that as an approach ski setup (someone in the reviews of the Glide Light bindings even mentions it), and I’d love some first hand feedback on that. Seems like a great newschool answer to the mythical Silvretta 505s…

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    psathyrella on #35408

    I don’t have any experience with the Glide Lights, but I have been very happy recently using a skimo race/+ setup for approaches. Skimo racing has gotten so popular that you can find great deals on used setups (I got mine from cripple creek a few years ago). Dynafit PDGs (790g) with race bindings (200g), skins (155g), and alien rs boots (1090g in 30.0, only 80g more than batura 2s) add up to a pretty absurdly light package. For climbing on rock, ankle flexibility in actual climbing boots is for sure a big advantage, but carrying climbing boots on the approach isn’t always as crazy as it seems. And at least unless you’ve been skiing since you were a toddler, I feel like even with a colin-haley-style knee-to-ski-tip strap, skiing anything other than a road in light single climbing boots is just asking for a knee injury. My current hare brained idea for unplowed road approaches is a fat tire electric bike, but I’ll have to see how that goes in practice.

    Steve House on #35654

    Hi Nick,
    I haven’t seen these, but I have assembled a pretty decent collection of old Silveretta 400’s from eBay and the like. (3 pairs, one back up and two in service) I used an alert function that sent me an email when someone listed anything with the words Silveretta 400 or Silveretta 404.

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