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    Hello all,

    I am currently in a transition period, and looking to peak in April or May for spring ski mountaineering. I will be working on snow and training through the winter and am using custom 8 week plans.

    My aerobic training is currently hiking and jogging, but we now have snowy mountains. When is it appropriate to transition to aerobic training on skis from an autumn spent on foot? How should I schedule this with my strength training since I will be activating muscles and movements that haven’t been used much since last spring.


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    Anonymous on #13909

    Transitioning to snow as early as possible will be best. Start with 1-2 days/week and keep the sessions short and easy till you get your ski legs under you. This will prevent much interference with your strength training. Gradually introduce more skiing as you can tolerate it without disrupting your training volume. Gradual is the key word here.


    Jasper on #13972

    Thanks for the reply Scott. I got out on the skis one day last week and will do it again once this week. It is hard to keep it gradual with the added excitement of snow. Especially when friends are applying a bit of peer pressure at your turn around time. I certainly went I bit longer than I planned, but took a good 48 hrs of rest before the next workout. This week I will set an alarm on my watch, and not give in to the peer pressure. I will also be timing these reintroductions to skiing before my planned rest days, so that I have time to recuperate, and keep them as far as possible from strength sessions. Enjoy the fall!

    hafjell on #14010

    Are you adding these workouts to your training plan or substituting these in and removing previously scheduled dryland workouts?

    Anonymous on #14084

    These early ski workouts should replace dry land ones. The new training mode of skiing will be enough a jump in training load by itself. You don’t need to double up on training volume by duplicating workouts.


    Jasper on #14092

    Of course, I have been replacing dry land with skiing one day a week for the last two weeks. Next week, if the snow continues, I might replace two dry land days with skiing.


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