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    Hi there!

    I’m really interested in both of Wharton’s plans. I’m rather new to climbing (4 months consistently), but I also come from an athletic base (trail running, triathlon). I’ve been climbing about 5 days a week (top rope and a little bouldering) and can consistently climb 5.10c with a few 5.10d. I really want to be more intentional with my training. I’m leaning toward the intermediate to advanced 8 week program mainly because of the length (given that I’m only climbing 5.10c/d I know I’m far from intermediate), but wondering if I should be starting with the 4 week program. Would love people’s thoughts. Thanks!

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    I think the level you’re at is more important than the duration of the plan. I would start with the beginner plan and then repeat it or lengthen the phases.

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