Where can I find the recordings of the Zoom calls?

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    Justin Jones

    I tried to get in on the zoom call today while I was on the road at work, but I work in bad cell data territory and it crashed. I’ve been looking most of the night but can’t find any links to today’s call. Am I missing something?

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    kazu.ishidera on #59154

    Same here.


    MarkPostle on #59161

    The link to the recordings is posted in a sticky post from Steve at the top of the Forum about 24 hours after the call has ended. There is currently one from the first Zoom and the second one should be up tonight!

    Roy Gold on #59549

    I don’t see where the recording is.
    Can you share a link for the last 2 meets, I missed both of them

    MarkPostle on #59554

    Roy- The top post of the forum here is a sticky post that will house all the Zoom calls. They get posted about 24 hours after the call has been completed. Thanks.

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