What to do if you mess up your deload week

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    Hi UA Folks,

    in the past i messed up my deload weeks and was always wondering how to correct them the right way. As example: my weekly TSS for the deload week should be around 600TSS. Something came up on the weekend which i didn’t want to miss. Or I just did too much in those weeks in general. Ending up with a TSS of eg. 800 for this week.

    My question, how do i go from there? Should i subtract my additional TSS from next week’s plan? Or Just training normal in to the next cycle? I’m not feeling trashed or exhausted after those weeks. Because i clearly did less, but still too much for a real deload week.

    Any informations, strategies to correct this, on this topic are appreciated.

    Have a great day — mirko

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    The main thing to focus on during a de-load or recovery week is getting recovered not so much the TSS for the week. These TP metrics are a useful tool but for our mountain sports I would not plan the training based on TSS alone without considering your perception of fatigue.

    If you went too big on the weekend then take a few light days to recover completely. I tell my athletes that I want them to feel excited and anxious to get back to some hard days by the weekend of a recovery week.


    nullkru on #56116

    Hei Scott,

    thanks for your answer. So basically, if i really feel fresh after those weeks i can start in to the next micro cycle. Otherwise, i just planing more rest in the following week, or take an extra day off.

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