What are toe raises?

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    I’m heading to Norway in Feburary for my first ice climbing trip (can’t wait!) and I’m starting Steve’s Training for Ice and Mixed Climbing program.

    What are the toe raises? Should I be lifting the toes or the heels?

    Alos, how essential is it to wear mountain boots? I’m doing my workouts in the gym after work and it’s awkward to take a big pair of boots in every time. Is there any alternative I could look at?

    Thanks for your help!


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    Toe raises are where rise up on to your toes. These are meant to strength your calves for ice climbing. You stand on the smallest part of your forefoot that you can manage on a step that allows your heel to hang above the floor. Doing this in boot is MUCH more effective, more specific and harder than using running shoes. If you watch the video that comes with that plan you will see all the exercises demonstrated and explained. We often have our coached clients to do the with crampons with the front points balanced on a block of wood. This is the most specific way to build calf strength for ice climbing.

    I hope this helps.

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    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for clairfying. I was actually working from the public article (https://uphillathlete.com/training-ice-mixed-climbing/) so I don’t have the video you mentioned, but that clears it up for me.

    Great work on the book BTW. It’s exactly what I’ve been searching for and I devoured it in a few days!



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