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    This will be a great place for exchanging tips and ideas to make us all better coaches. Please do not be shy about asking me questions. That’s a major part of my role at UA. If it is easiest to get on a phone call i’m happy to do that as well.


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    Anonymous on #59501

    Thank you Scott and Steve for getting the coaches forum started. I echo Scott’s statement if I can be of help especially with female athletes let me know. Emails and calls are also welcome!

    Coach on #59510

    Thank you Steve and Scott for making this happen. I will echo Carolyn and Scott, if I can ever be of help to anyone please don’t hesitate to reach out 🙂

    larry on #60176

    Okay, here goes. I am starting to program my first client and using some of the prebuilt workouts from some of the training plans. Many of these don’t have an associated TSS score for them. Is there a method that people use for estimating these TSS scores? Do you typically try to put one on every workout, or just go with the Heartrate Tss that TP calculates? What about strength workouts? Any input here would be much appreciated!

    Anonymous on #60177

    We do not assign TSS to the planned column of the workout. Only in the completed column.
    But as gidelines…..
    1 hour at AeT > hrTSS=60. 1 are at AnT > hrTSS=100. Adjust TSS from there via the info in the best practices doc. HR is not a meaningful way to measure the training effect of strength. Normal general strength workout like in our books is 60. But strength is much more subjective. For some the CMF will be easy and you might give it a 50-60 for the hour. Other folks will struggle and get very sore from it for 2-3 days. For them I have no problem giving it a TSS=100.

    In all cases retro actively adjusting TSS based on comments and lingering fatigue will help make the TSS more consistent. We want apples to apples as much as possible.

    Let me know if this is not enough and we can hop on the phone.

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