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    I have a question about weight training intensity. Just how tired should you be after strength training session in preparation and max strength period?


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    How tired you get depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your strength training. In the Transition period you are only starting to condition the muscles and tendons to strength training so the loads will generally be lower and the reps higher and the work not exhausting.

    In a Max strength phase you also will not work to complete failure or exhaustion. Max strength the way climbers and most athletes will use it is primarily a neurological training effect as opposed to a hypertrophic training effect. The best Max session should leave you invigorated and feeling like you could do more. You just get stringer with each set as your brain becomes better at recruiting more fibers to do the work. As soon as your strength drops the workout is done.

    If you are training to exhaustion with strength then you will cause hypertrophy. This is what weight lifters, body builders and football players want. But not climbers.

    Muscular Endurance training will be very fatiguing because it will exhaust your muscle glycogen so these workouts are very fatiguing from a metabolic stand point but cause minimal hypertrophy.

    I hope this helps,

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