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    Went for the first skin of the season yesterday and was pleased that the off-season running program helped me shave a few minutes off of my go-to 2,000′ local loop. Conditions weren’t perfect either so I think I avoided over-training.
    The one drawback: I was getting very tired from poling even at a nose-breathing pace. What can I do now that I’m in-season to improve my poling strength?
    Thanks for all the wisdom here and the podcasts. Just listened to the intro to skimo podcast and wonder if a similar one is in the works for ski mountaineering (slower pace, lower cadence, heavier pack, etc.)

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    Scott Johnston on #47588

    It is probably not a strength issue.

    Arm endurance training is challenging for most people due to the lack of equipment. First choice: Get out often skiing, both touring and XC classic skiing will help this. Next: Concept 2 Skierg. Next: An old Nordic Track. Often found at garage sales at give away prices. I have even bought just the poling/arm trainer from a NT off eBay for something less than $20 and mounted it on a wall for poling simulation. Next summer and especially fall take you poles on your mountain runs and use your arms too to get you up the hills.

    No plans for a ski mountaineering pod cast but the principles of training for all these uphill sports are similar that hopefully you got some useful info from that one.


    Jason Shumaker on #47634

    More legs, less arms.

    Scott Semple on #48032

    Mmm… I have to disagree with “more legs, less arms.”

    More legs, more arms would be better. If you can be quadripedal, why not take advantage of it?

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