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    I completed my first trail marathon last weekend and am looking to start a new training cycle soon. What volume of running would you recommend to begin the new cycle?

    My peak weekly volume during the last cycle was 50 miles, then tapered to 32 miles, then 34 miles goal week. The goal week mileage includes the race. I had no difficulties with the training volume of the last cycle, I logged 179 miles in the 4 weeks preceding goal week. I feel I’ve recovered well and am ready to start training for a 50k that takes place next January.

    Having discovered TFTUA halfway through my last training cycle I’m excited to formulate an entire cycle based on the principles outlined in the book. Thanks in advance for your advice.


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    Anonymous on #28610

    Thanks for writing in to us with your questions.

    Picking a starting volume is kind of a trial and error experience. Look at your over all last 6 month average training volume and start with 50% of that is a nice conservative estimate for starting volume in a new cycle. If you feel like the previous load was too light then maybe start with 60-70% of the previous 6month average.

    It is much easier to scale up the volume after several weeks if it feels to light than it is to realize too lat that you started off too ambitiously and have the wheels come of 4 weeks later.

    There is a significant risk of just such a ting happening: Your motivation is very high now to start training again for the next goal race. You’re feeling recovered and ready to jump into training. The natural tendency would be to come out of the gate too hot. In your case that might look like starting at 40-45miles/week. But where is that going to put you 12 or 20 weeks later. You need to leave room for the progression.

    Err on the conservative side. We rarely here from undertrained athletes (those who wished they’d trained more) and we frequently here from overtrained athletes (those that wish they’d trained less).


    JGwartney on #28623

    Thanks Scott, I appreciate your advice. I’ll start with a more conservative volume. Your intuition was right, I was looking at starting in the 40 mile/week range. I need to lean to not let my enthusiasm out pace my abilities.

    Thanks again,

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