Using training plans as part of the TFTNA Base period

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    I’m in the last week of my Transition Period following as best I can the Training for the new alpinism book with the log book as well, and I’m kind of struggling with stepping up the load and the changing of exercises that comes ahead. It’s the first time I’m following any kind of structured training, and I was wondering if I could change parts of the schedule (the first weeks of the Base period for instance) for the training plans, for example doing “Steve House’s 5 Week Foundation for Rock Alpinists Training Plan” for my firsts Base weeks, and from there move on to more difficult plans or by that time have enough experience for me to keep adding loads and exercises…

    Hope my question gets trough, english is not my first language…


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    If you are find the current training load somewhat challenging then there is not need to end the transition period and move on just because you’ve hit 8 weeks. The most important thing to remember about training is that it needs to be individualized to meet each person’s specific needs if you hope to have it be successful. There really is not one size fit all. That is why we went to such lengths in the book and on this website to explain the theories behind training.
    We want you to be able to adjust and tweak the training to fit you.

    So, if what you are doing now is feeling tough but doable then it is having the exact training effect you desire and there is not reason to change it unless your goals have changed. The point of the transition period it to prepare you for tougher workouts to come. But maybe you don’t need them yet. Are you taking the recovery weeks SUPER easy? Remember that those weeks are not meant to push you to new levels of fitness but to allow you to handle the next weeks of training. So get rested in those recovery weeks.

    If rock climbing is something you want to target with your training then it could be a good idea
    to switch things up and Steve’s plan is great one. It’ll change the focus of the workouts which might be a good mental and physical break for you.

    I hope this helps,

    carlosdvg on #6667

    Hello Scott, thanks for the awnser.

    I meant struggling in the sense that I don’t really know how to choose exercises for the next step to be effective. I’ve finished my transition period with a training load that feels reasonable, I can do the workouts and I’m not completely worked, so I feel ready to progress. But, from now on the training log asks more of me in the sense of planning and structuring my workouts and I don’t know if I have the knowledge to do so properly… For example, I’ve chosen as my Max Strength first week exercises box step ups + push ups with dumbells rows + overhead squat + pull ups, wich I think adresses most of my weaknesses, but I don’t know if I have to switch to other exercises in the next weeks, or if I have to increase the load of them by the percentages that the guidelines say or this is only for aerobic base…

    That’s where I think a fully structured planning like “you have to do this and that for this week” would be helpful for me… the transition period and the regular training have felt so good that I don’t want to ruin it!

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    Thanks for the better explanation. I agree that one of our training plans would be a good choice based on what you have said. Pick the plan that leads you toward your goal. If it is mountaineering goal then I suggest the 24 Mountaineering plan if you have the time. If less time then use the 16 week Big Mtn plan. If your goals are more technical climbing oriented then we have plans for those goals as well.


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