Unweighted box step-ups – fasted?

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    I do most my z1/z2 runs and uphill hikes fasted. Strength sessions I eat before.

    For convenience during corona I’ve incorporated a session of box step-ups (without additional weight) because I’ve always thought of the box stepup as an “alternative” to uphill running… But now I’m not so sure 🙂 Never done this before and tried the first today. Standard size box, i.e. 3/4 knee height.

    Just wondering if people do this fasted or not? I tried it fasted today and the box step up, to me, feels much more “muscular” than just running uphill (especially stepping down from the box), so I’m a bit unsure how to reason about this from from a fat adaption perspective.


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    jakedev on #41811

    A few little things might help. I just step up and then step down the other side and turn around (instead of stepping backwards). It’s not a race so taking it slow might help. Also my box is only half knee height when I want Z1-2, then knee height when I’m doing Max str. Its adjustable and there’s a few on Amazon you can find. Hope this helps.

    MarkPostle on #41855

    A few things to consider here. Indeed the box steps can be an “alternative” to more traditional outdoor training modes and we’ve certainly had motivated athletes use box steps to rack up the vertical when other training options didnt exist. Chapeau! That being said I have found as you mention that even an unweighted session of box steps on a 3/4 shin height box can quickly bleed into ME territory and blurs the lines between a strength workout and an aerobic(endurance) workout. I advise folks who are newly introducing this to fuel as they would a strength session at first. If as you do subsequent sessions, your body adapts to the workout AND if you HR is in Zone 2 territory then experiment with fasted variation. Good job on adapting during cororna limitations!

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