Unpairing Workouts in Training Peaks

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    Noor Alam on #65626

    Thank you very much! I misunderstood the Chamonix training, thinking that there were multiple videos in each level. And I think I’ve figured out the pairing/unpairing of the workouts on Training Peaks. Have a great weekend!

    Pia Lichtblau on #65724

    Many thanks for the unpairing 🙂
    I didn’t find out that on my own…

    Pia Lichtblau on #65836

    Just a short question: what’s the difference between TSS, rTSS and hrTSS?
    My uploaded workouts appear with rTSS – is this fine or should I change it?

    Thank you!

    Coach on #65837

    Great question, we quickly covered in one of the last two zooms but I am happy to go over it again. TSS stands for Training Stress Score; it is a number that is used for a many of the algorithms and tools that Training Peaks has. We will go over Training Peak’s tools later in the program. Simply it is giving a value to each workout guesstimating how much stress your body went through. Training Peaks has many articles on it if you want to read more.

    What you need to know for now. TSS is a score given manually, rTSS is Running TSS that is based on pace whereas hrTSS is heart rate TSS. hrTSS is the most accurate we have found to having consistent data across both running and hiking. This gives all your workouts similar values for data collection. When your watch uploads you can simply change it to hrTSS in the drop-down arrow next to the value. We cover this in the last zoom.

    I hope that helps!

    Pia Lichtblau on #65838

    Dear Maya,
    that helps indeed! I’ve already found how to change from rTSS to hrTSS, but wasn’t sure if I should do it or not.

    Thanks a lot, now it’s completely clear to me!

    Angeliena Kam on #66285

    Thanks for the video! I know how to pair, but a lot of the time when I click and drag, it just does not pair- nothing happens. Sometimes it randomly works, but not today. I’ve tried on iPhone, ipad, and desktop. No luck. Any tips?

    Coach on #66298

    Training Peaks can be ANNOYING!! Sometimes you have to change the icon of what type of sport it is for the two to connect. Say your data shows as a run but the planned workout is other or strength. Look at the images below on how to change.

    Desktop works the best too! I sometimes work off my iPad and dragging is 10x harder compared to the computer.

    I hope that helps!

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    Angeliena Kam on #66324

    That did help with some of my previous activities, thank you! I also found a little glitch- if you edit the activity data (like TSS) BEFORE dragging, it won’t pair.

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