Two Weeks of Quarantine during Travel

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    Michael Rantis

    So I’ll be travelling in the future, and as a result I’ll be quarantined for two weeks. I was told that it will be total confinement, no exercise time outside or in any facility with equipment, etc. I’m in the middle of Luke Nelson’s plan as a way to get my fitness back up from an injury. Things are going well, but I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions for the two weeks so that my fitness doesn’t plummet. Thanks!

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    Anonymous on #42455

    I’m curious: where are you going? That seems overly restrictive.

    The first thing that comes to mind is a skipping rope!

    Jan G on #42767

    Hi Michael,

    I’ve just done the same with a bunch of colleagues in Australia.
    What works well for us individually is:

    Skipping rope, yoga mat, resistance bands (one legged deadlifts against the band, monsterwalks, all sorts of prehab stuff,… ), barefoot running even if it’s in place (I am lucky my room is large enough that I can do a few k round the room without too tight corners) and of course the ME routine from TFTUA (unweighted, just add more reps/ shorten recovery if too easy).

    Healthy eating. You may be able to sign up with a local supermarket chain to get your food delivered if the hotel is willing to put it in front of your door. That way you are free in your choice. If not, bring own food that doesn’t get held up at the border. Catering can be very limited/ not good for any athletic endeavour.

    Have Fun,


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