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    I recently had a long, but leisurely day in the mountains. About 17 miles, 6500 vert ft, 12 hours. Walk up climb in the Tetons, for which I also carried some gear including crampons/axe/harness/30 meter RAD line. So my pack was not super light. Out of curiosity I also wore my chest strap heart rate monitor. My heart rate was mostly in sub Zone1/Zone 1 and low Zone2. I didn’t stop recording during breaks, including 1 prolonged break for lunch. There was huge TSS discrepancy given the activity in Training Peaks. The TSS with hrTSS was 470. If I catergorized the day as a “walk” then TP analyzed the day with runTSS, and gave me a score of 125. By the end of the day my muscles felt closer to the higher TSS, but I didn’t feel like this was a training session either. What is the best way to interpret a day like this? Thanks.

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    Anonymous on #43990

    If you have a threshold speed set for running in your settings, then TP will apply an rTSS calculation. That’s only relevant for flat running though (+/- a few % in incline). If that’s not your thing, then it’s best to remove the threshold speed entry.

    The thing to do with the hrTSS is, first, manually cut out the breaks. You can click and drag over sections of the chart and remove pieces as required. Save the changes, and hrTSS should recalculate it.

    If it still feels like an over-estimate, just manually change the TSS to what you think reflects your fatigue after the effort.

    jtrachtenberg99 on #44007

    Thanks Scott. I did exactly what you said and it came very close to my own estimate. I cut out the breaks and it reduced the hrTSS to 398. I had manually set it to 350 by my own estimation. So pretty close!!

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