Travelling and strength training

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    I’m going through the 24 Week Mountaineering plan and was wondering how to train whilst travelling. Most of the workouts are fine to do in a hotel room when there is no gym available however the ones I struggled to do are pull ups and hanging leg raise, the bathroom towel rail was too weak! I was wondering if there were any alternatives for these exercises?

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    sambedell on #4216

    V-ups and lat pullovers with some bicep curls would hit the same muscle groups.

    Also consider bringing a portable pull-up bar that latches on door frames or just going to a neighborhood park and using the jungle gym or soccer goal.

    shabias on #4231

    Thanks Sambedell, I shall check them out.

    Anonymous on #4246

    I am sure the hotel will kick you out on the sidewalk if you try to do pull ups on the shower curtain rod!!

    I concur that that V-ups will be your best bet for replacing the hanging leg raise. Pull ups are tough replicate. I’d be careful when using an expanding doorway pull up bar. I had a friend who fell down a set of basement stairs when this type of bar gave way and she broke her foot in the fall. Make sure it is very tight.

    The other option is to stay in a nicer hotel with a gym 😉


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