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    I know this isn’t the best forum for the this, but I’m curious to see if others are experiencing the same problem that I am.

    So I upgraded my TrainingPeaks account to Premium the other day to synchronize the Luke Nelson Ultra Training Plan with my Google calendar, I prefer having the workouts right in my main calendar. Unfortunately after adding the calendar they are not visible in the calendar, in fact none of the workouts are coming over from TP.

    I’ve raised a support request with TP, I was just curious if anyone else is having similar issues?


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    Steve House on #13995

    I have my workouts show up in my iCal and I am quite sure that some of my coached athletes have their workouts show up in their google calendar. So honestly, I don’t know what to tell you other than to contact TrainingPeaks support or maybe try to ‘redo’ the whole process. I’m sure there are already help articles on the TP support pages.

    deadpoint on #14007

    TP got back to me and it basically takes around 24 hours for workouts to show up in your calendar after they’ve been added. The training plan workouts appeared in my calendar sometime last night.


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