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Training with Hernia

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    Hello! Does anyone have experience with training with a hiatal hernia? Specifically wondering about limitations with max strength periods and core exercises.

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    Thomas Summer, MD on #43754

    Hi FLclimber!

    How big is the hernia? Did your doc give any recommendations? I would not recommend max strength, with high intra-abdominal pressure. But core exercises can and should be even helpful.


    FLclimber on #43766

    Hello, I appreciate the response! The hernia is 3cm and my doc classified it as small. My doc was more concerned with the dietary aspect of it versus the physical. She said I can continue to train but to just be careful with “heavy lifting”. It’s difficult to gauge what is too “heavy” and I am looking for any recommendations on determining where a safe but reasonable threshold is. Scientifically, do you think it is dependent on my strength (choose a certain rep range) or on the force itself (choose a weight limit)?

    Thomas Summer, MD on #43904

    I’m not an expert in gastroenterology, but I would use your symptoms as a guideline of what’s too much. It should depend on what weight your body/core can handle, not on the force itself.

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