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    Tammy Barnhart

    Sorry for all the questions but again on the plan I keep seeing TSS followed by a number. For example the Aerobic Threshold Test I see TSS followed by 60 in the planned section? Can someone explain what does that mean?

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    MarkPostle on #58943

    We will cover TSS and other metrics in the next Zoom Tammy. Is just just training peaks numerical representation of how much training stress a workout encompasses. You should go by time and HR as the primary markers when trying to gauge your workout intensity.

    MarkPostle on #58944

    What Is TSS?

    Roy Gold on #59008

    Hi there
    This is Royi
    I did the aerobic test yesterday, and I ended up getting an average of 120 HR for the first 30 min and 122 HR for the 2nd 30 minutes. I did this indoors:
    #1 15 degree incline
    #2 belt speed 2.1
    #3 I warmed up 20 minutes before beginning test, and got a baseline heartrate going.
    #4 throughout the test I felt fine. Could speak in sentences etc.

    I looked at the instructions, and based on them it says I should repeat the test and increase my HR by 5 bears because my differential results are not over 3-5% (mine is 1.6%). The thing is I’m not sure if I’m even close to my threshold, and I don’t feel like doing this same test another 3 times until I figure out my treshold. From previous training 2 yes ago my training peaks says my zone 2 is 151-159. But that seems a little high for Aerobic Threshold doesn’t it? Anyways, any advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    MarkPostle on #59012

    Roy- Sounds like youre doing it right and indeed a little below your AeT. I would try it again with a starting post warmup HR of around 130 and see where your are at for drift. You could plug into whatever training day works next week. In regards to having an AeT in the 150s yes that is higher than is typical I would say 135 is middle of the bell curve. I would completely disregard any Zone information that is auto generated by trainingpeaks or Garmin etc.

    Roy Gold on #59023

    Thank you for your reply.
    I actually got this aerobic threshold # from a few years of Tri training. We did an anaerobic test, for Max HR and I think all these #s (including AeT) came from that.
    That was about 2 years ago.

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