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    I got an email notification from Training Peaks on a new “New Threshold Heart Rate Value” of 160…I’m curious what threshold this is since I know my AeT is 144 from testing? (yes, I accidentally got carried away on a downhill run and went way above my AeT on this run for a little bit).

    Under Default Heart Rate – it has 154 bpm as my threshold heart rate (no idea where that came from). Is this the threshold it wants me update? What should this value mean to me? Should that Threshold Heart Rate actually be 144 (my AeT)?

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    Hello Erica!

    Great question; the short answer is you can ignore the email from Training Peaks. Training Peaks uses pace and HR to determine your “New Threshold Heart Rate,” It has nothing to do with your Aerobic Threshold test. I frequently would get these notifications when I would forget to turn my watch off and jump in my car, for example.

    As for your HR zones, Carolyn and I did a zoom on as our second zoom where we go over what Default Threshold means. Pretty much that is your Anaerobic Threshold (AnT), also known as the top end of Zone 3. If you were with us during that zoom, you might have filled in that number based on our recommendations. Training Peaks is a wonderful tool, but it doesn’t know its athletes aerobically very well at all.

    I hope that helps!

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