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Training Peaks App Tracking/integration

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    I have 2 small kids so I am already pressed for training time and would prefer to not have to manually log workouts. I am hoping to find an app and HR monitor that will upload my HR, time and distance automatically to Training Peaks. What’s the most seamless setup?



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    Mariner_9 on #64582

    I use a Suunto watch (Ambit 3 Peak) which synchs with TP. I don’t have experience using other watches/apps.

    Is it seamless? Sort-of. There are some minor issues such as date occasionally differing between Suunto’s (mobile) app and TP, and length of workout differing between Suunto and TP.

    I would also note that TP has a relatively small number of recognised sport/workout categories compared to Suunto. In TP, I went to User / Settings / Layout / Quick Views to configure what metrics I want to see – and to be able to modify – for each category of workout (e.g. so you can apply Uphill Athlete’s modifications to TSS for strength workouts).

    Not sure I would recommend Suunto though my reasons for saying that have nothing to do with their TP integration and everything to do with the reliability of their HRM and their (lack of) customer service.

    Andrewson008 on #64604

    Thanks. I have a whoop and I’m in a similar situation. I also have a chest strap that I am going to start using. I read on the Reddit /TrainingPeaks sub that folks suggested an app called “Run Gap” and that it integrates well with TP. I will try it and report back.

    AshRick on #64671

    A Coros Pace 2 watch is reasonably priced, and its app seamlessly uploads to TP. I’ve been on a Coros/TP combo for the past 18 months and it’s great.

    The Coros app is also useful on its own. They’re doing good work over there.

    Jane Mackay on #64692

    Andy, Training Peaks has a complete list of the devices that sync with the platform:

    I at first used a Suunto watch paired with a Polar H10 strap and monitor and I now use a Coros paired with either the Polar or a cheaper Wahoo! Tickr (the Polar is more reliable). The watch syncs with the strap/monitor and records all the data and then auto uploads it to my TP account.

    If you don’t want to buy a watch, you can use a strap/monitor and sync it with a smartphone app. Polar, Garmin, Suunto and Wahoo! all have apps that sync with TP.

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