Training Groups: Mountaineering vs Female Uphill Athlete?

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    Jennifer Louie


    I’m interested in signing up for a training group for next year. I’m training for mountaineering, mountain running, and rock climbing. I was in the Female Uphill Athlete Training program 2 years ago and enjoyed it, especially the female-specific questions being answered. I have 2 questions: 1) What would be a better fit for me given the training I’d like to do? 2) Do we get to keep the TrainingPeaks training plan after the training group is over?


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    pedro on #72896

    Hi Jennifer,

    You can sign for one of the groups , mountain group or female mountain group. We look forward to have in both female athletes, everyone is welcome . But if you liked the female athlete group I am looking forward to see you there , you can sign for that, it starts in Jan 23.
    After you are finish with the training group, you keep the training plan on trainingpeaks, you just loose the access to the Chamonix mountain fit and yoga programs .

    Looking forward to see you in on of our groups


    Pedro Carvalho

    Jennifer Louie on #72897


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