Training for wildland fire

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    Hey Drew! I’m posting here because wildland fire has a similar mentality to the military and I’ve heard us referred to as “tactical athletes” a few times.

    I’ve read training for the new alpinism and I want to use the principles to help with my job as well as my climbing/mountaineering. In general, we have 6 months off, and my main question is how to fit everything in in that time. Would the best way be to do an 8 week transition period and spend the rest of the time in base period? I also go ski mountaineering in the winter and spring, so would it be best to plan my mountain goals in such a way that I don’t extend physically beyond the base period guidelines?

    There’s an old school mentality in fire but a lot of people are becoming open to training that doesn’t lead to burnout and injury. If uphill athlete did a podcast aimed at that community, I know at least one crew that would be stoked haha

    Thank you,

    – Kayleigh

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