Thoughts on Ideal Plan for Long Ski Traverses?

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    Hi all –

    Looking for some general input on the most ideal training plan for a long ~80-100 mile ski traverse? Something like bugs to rogers or others in BC. I am split between the standard 24 week mountaineering plan and something more sport specific such as the 8 week SkiMo plan. My thinking is that certain BC traverses with significant vert will benefit from the 24 week plan.

    Personal background is backcountry ski tour experience during vacations, as well as mountains like Rainier. In strong aerobic shape due to treadmill work, distance cycling, etc. Live on the East Coast with no weekend access to snow / ski touring besides 1-2 week vacations during the winter.

    Any thoughts are much appreciated!

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    Dada on #80576

    SkiMo is for racing for about an hour close to AnT. So probably not so special for your traverse ? I would choose ski traverse.

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