Tendon Injury Podcast with Pete – Bicep Rehab?

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    Cory from Wisconsin

    Hi Pete,

    I really enjoyed your podcast discussion with Scott regarding the challenges of tendon injuries due to overuse, exacerbated by OES. I suspect you guys recorded the episode several months ago, but the timing of its release was perfect for me. I’m currently dealing with left arm bicep tendonitis resulting from an increase in rock climbing volume as I came off ice season. In addition to the volume increase I suspect some of it stems from the change in hand position from tools to face holds on rock/gym as well as sub-optimal form. It was giving me intermittent pain for a few weeks, but my OES kept me from taking full rest. Then I noticed while flexing my bicep that I could fully fire the right (unaffected) bicep, but the left bicep does not get fully firm when flexing. So this past week I went to see a local sports med physician, who confirmed the tendons are still attached (I never heard a pop or had “Popeye arm”), and recommended I take a couple weeks of rest before resuming moderate activity.

    In your podcast you described the need to weight lift to recover the tendon and that mild pain was normal with that process. My question is two fold: 1) Do you generally have your patients undergo a period of rest before beginning the weight lifting process? 2) Do you have a recommended protocol for biceps similar to what you were describing for the achilles tendon injury you were discussing with Scott?


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    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #67946

    I would maybe only recommend a brief rest to bring the pain down, after all, you’re just getting weaker and having bigger mountain to climb if you get weaker. The key is to get a starting point for tendon loading, and progress from there. Isometrics are a great starting point, 5x45sec. holds. Once this gets better, you start adding Shoulder presses to the program,,,yes,,,shoulder presses. This will get the biceps working, but allow the rest of your structure to get into the conversation. Isolation of function is a slippery slope so I don’t just go right to bicep curls. I do KB swings double, then single. You get the idea!!!

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