Sudden 7 % drop in my body fat after very long Z2 climbing

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    I am measuring my body fat % on a top-of-the-line model from the best manufacturer of bioimpedance scales – Tanita for 5-6 years now. And this is the first time that I see this (see the attachment) very strange result. This was measured 2 days later (to eliminate transient effects) after a grueling 10-hour mountain ascent in my Z2 (with a 2-hour rest and refueling in the middle). Every time after a day of mountaineering there is a 1-2 % drop in body fat, which stabilizes in 1-2 days. But this time the drop was 12 % which stabilized at 7 %. I know – the longer and the slower you go – the more fat you burn. But this translates into a 7.7 kg of fat decrease which multiplied by 9 kcal per gram equals to around 70 000 kcal. Which maybe not have enough energy to go to the Moon but pretty close by. Does anybody else have seen something similar? I should point out that I am a professor in experimental physics and my company manufactures similar principle instrumentation, so this is not an experimental error. I have a hypothesis though. The instrument measures the body’s electrical impedance (resistivity). Muscles have less electrical resistance than fat. But if the body is well hydrated and with enough mineral salts – its resistance should fall. And last week I discovered a very interesting company that has a product – 1 gr pouch of an Ocinava coral mineral that goes into 1 l of water. In Ocinava are the longer and healthier living people on our planet and this is largely attributed to the water they drink. Anyhow, as a scientist doing electrochemical measurements in his work, this cranks my brain. And before starting to my 7100 m. peak in July I would like to drop at least 15 kg (preferably fat). So I should be happy, but this is some sort of artifact. From another point of view, we know that it is very important to be well-hydrated to get the most out of your body.

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