Staying in zone while on a stairmaster

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    I am trying to be in zone 1 while doing my stair master workout.
    Does being in zone imply stopping , when the HR rises above the threshold of 75 % and then restarting when it is a few notches below?
    Kindly advise.


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    cramblda on #6016


    I think it’s usually best if you can set a pace, or maintain a step rate, that will place you somewhere within the zone you’re training. It seems starting and stopping may not produce the desired result of continuous movement for many hours (or all day) that we’re training for.

    For example, when I run, I set a pace that keeps me within the zone I’m training. If my HR begins to drop below the zone being trained, I speed up a little. If my heart rate begins to exceed the top of the zone, I slow down a little. Usually my HR will correct back into the desired range within several seconds of adjusting my pace. With practice you can stay in the correct zone for hours with little correction needed.

    If the stair master speed can not be slowed enough to keep you in the desired zone, you may want to try another mechanism/machine (run/treadmill, bike, hike, etc.).


    Anonymous on #6022


    David is correct in saying that a stop and start method is not the best. On any endurance workout you should choose a pace that allows you heart rate to settle into the appropriate zone and stay there for the prescribed about of time, be it Z1 or Z4.

    It does sound like you are starting at too high a step rate if your HR climbs out of Z1 or Z2. If you can’t find the speed on a stair machine you should start with walking on an inclined treadmill and start building more aerobic capacity there first.


    Kedar_dg on #6028

    Thanks David and Scott for your valuable inputs !

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