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    I will be starting the 24 week program all over again in October in prep for a high peak in Nepal in April. I feel the slow start hard finish approach worked really well for me last season, so why change.

    I’m thinking about doing some testing to get better threshold numbers. There is a place close to me (3 hours). Can you tell me if any of the tests they offer are appropriate?

    Tehachapi, CA

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    Scott Semple on #11205

    From their website, it’s hard to tell what their tests test for.

    Can you ask for a PDF of a sample lactate threshold test, and then post it here?

    austinkalb on #11212

    Here are both test reports. Let me know if you need me to convert the PNG file (most viewers work fine tho). Thx.


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    Scott Johnston on #11230


    Those VO2 test looks like what you want. The lactate test was done a bike trainer and I recommend you request a treadmill test instead.


    Scott Semple on #11234

    @scott: Judging from the website, it looks like they offer the VO2 and lactate as separate tests. If @austinkalb has to choose, which one should he get? (The lactate is lactate, and the VO2 test includes an RER crossover chart.)

    Scott Johnston on #11242

    Sorry. I misunderstood. I thought he’d get both. Either one of these tests can be used to set AeT. I’ve used lactate tests for years as they can be done in the field by me whenever I want to. The gas exchange test will work too and will show the fat vs carbs ratio. It’s just more expensive.


    austinkalb on #12529

    I understand that the lactate test will give me my zones, but what can I use the gas exchange test for in practice? Is it just useful for now vs later?


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