Sprints and uphill leaps

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    Hi everyone. In the TFUA book I don’t understand a thing about sprint training and uphill leaps. I wanted to know if a mountain running athlete has to do only the sprints or if he has to do them both clearly in different sessions. Can you give me an answer? Thanks so much!

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    brianbauer on #62161

    I use ski bounding ( uphill leaps) as part of my skimo training. I use poles when I do them. its dynamic power and a gets me into Z4 very quickly. I do short sets on a steep hill for not more than 60 seconds at a time. I tend to pick a long uphill, do a set of leaps, hike to recover, then do another set, but always moving uphill. I let the terrain dictate how many sets. I do these for skimo prep, but I also race Sky Races and consider them relevant.

    Diego on #62166

    Thanks @BRIANBAUER
    I just wanted to know if a mountain running athlete should only do sprints or if he should alternate them with jumps.

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